Because we care for our pets

11pets: Pet care brings pet care at your fingertips

A complete digital notebook for the medical data of our pets

Every piece of information is important for the well-being of our pets. 11pets: Pet care app helps keep track of everything in a single place accessible from mobile and web.


Setup once your schedule for hyhiene and medical treatments. Get reminders and automatic logging.

Daily Care

Manage the daily care of your pet and take notes for anything important.

Detailed medical record

Keep always with you lab results, medical conditions and allergies of your pet.

Rich list of features

11pets: Pet care provides a complete list of features that you can use to improve the quality of life of your pet.


Schedule periodic events and 11pets will remind you to take action.

 Daily Care

Keep track of your pet's weight and height. Log, take notes and photos for everything you consider important.

 Detailed medical record

11pets can be your go to place to retrieve past medical data. Never again will you have to look into piles of documents to find an important analysis or x-ray.


11pets: Pet care app provides a beautiful experience for you and will help you take better care of your pet.

Our team

People who care about their pets and want to offer them the best life.

Kyriakos Stavrou

Father of three beautiful dogs

Demos Pavlou

Father of a miniature Schnauzer

Evis Andreou

Experienced Veterinarian

Nikoletta Hadjiyianne

Graphics designer

Niovi Lambrou

Graphics designer

Marilena Adamidou

Marketing brain

All people extremely motivated to make the lifes of our pets as best as possible.

Their help and valuable advice made this project a reality

Their help and valuable advice made this project a reality


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